Hello, we are Joele & Dimi

Who are Les Deux? How did you start your brand?

Les Deux is us, Joele & Dimi, two passionate designers who have found each other from the love for our profession (and each other). Our story started ten years ago, and since then we are Les Deux: a 100% Belgian jewellery brand that makes wearable stories. We design and make timeless jewellery sets wrapped into an inspiring collection story. Our designs are made of Sterling silver and 18k Gold, often combined with semi-precious gems.

In addition to our collections, we also design custom made jewellery. If someone is looking for a unique design, we help them realise it.

Your designs are handmade in Belgium. Isn’t that difficult to maintain?

Because we’ve both got training in the Visual Arts, we were taught to work with our hands and really feel the material. There is nothing better than moulding a piece of raw material into a beautiful design. On top of that, it makes each piece unique, because the art of goldsmithing is quite rudimentary and this makes that no single piece will or can look exactly the same.

And it’s exactly that uniqueness that makes all the difference to our customers.

For whom you design? Who are your customers?

Every Les Deux collection and theme arose from an emotion, a gut feeling. You can feel that same emotion in our designs. So we guess that our customers make the same emotional click when they see a particular design. Therefore, our audience is very diverse and we can’t really label them into one group of people. We offer ‘everlasting glamification’ to every customer.

Where do you get inspiration?

Inspiration is often unpredictable. Each impression, every detail can be a 'trigger' to start your story. We often work from our own experience, the environment in which we live in, the people with whom we deal. So you could say it’s kind of our personal story, away from the everyday trends.

In fact, inspiration can be found everywhere out there, as long as you want to see it.



Joele Huybrechts
jewellery designer

Dimi De Cooman
visual designer

t   +32(0)496244483
e   info@lesdeux.be
f   /lesdeuxjewellery

We can proudly say that Les Deux is (and remains) 100% handmade in Belgium.